First, make sure you’ve installed the Requirements, then following the instructions in the section for your platform below.


Log on as a user which has SYSADM authority for the DB2 instance you wish to install under (commonly this is db2inst1), and ensure the db2profile for the target DB2 instance has been sourced (this is the usually the case with the db2inst1 user):

$ su - db2inst1
$ source ~db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile

Extract the archive you downloaded, and change to the directory it creates:

$ tar -xzf db2utils-release-0.1.tar.gz
$ cd db2utils-release-0.1

Edit the two variables DBNAME and SCHEMANAME at the top of the Makefile:

$ ${EDITOR} Makefile

These indicate the database into which to install everything and the schema under which to place all objects. Finally, use the included Makefile to make the “install” target:

$ make install

This will compile the external pcre UDFs library, install it in the instance identified by the DB2INSTANCE environment variable (which is set by db2profile), then connect to the database identified by DBNAME and install everything under the schema specified by SCHEMANAME.

If you wish to see the SQL that would be executed without actually executing it (if, for example, you wish to edit it before hand) you can create it with the following target:

$ make install.sql

If you wish to uninstall everything from the database, simply make the “uninstall” target:

$ make uninstall

There is also a target which attempts to test the implementation of various functions and procedures by using the functions in the assert.sql module. This can be run with the “test” target:

$ make test

The test suite is currently rather crude. Any error immediately stops the test suite to allow examination. If the test suite runs to the end, this indicates success.


Anyone want to figure this out?